• Things to make or read

    Over time, I will add resources to this website that will help you explore the night sky. And if you are a teacher, you will find the resources helpful in your teaching of some sections of the Australian Curriculum: Science Earth & Space Sciences component. Amazing Space! Student Newsletter Download a free ‘Amazing […]

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  • Customised Astronomy & Satellite Viewing Information For Your Location

    Introduction Heavens-Above.com provides free customised information for your location including whole sky star charts, predictions for the visibility of the International Space Station and other satellites (including Iridium flares). Bookmarks for all capital cities are provided below. If you are located elsewhere, you can customise one of the below links to your location. […]

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  • Astronomy Education Resources

    Given that we are so time poor, I have added a couple of pages listing resources on this site according to where they ‘fit’ in the Australian Curriculum (Science). Keep in mind that a number of the activities can be modified for use at different year levels. If you are running a lunchtime science club, I […]

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Southern Hemisphere Sky Events Blog Posts

Look for Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon in evening twilight tonight

Send to Kindle(Posted 4 September 2016) Don’t panic if you didn’t miss last month’s close encounter between Venus and Jupiter, don’t panic. Firstly, you can ‘just’ still see Mercury and Jupiter in the evening twilight below Venus and the crescent Moon. You will need a clear sky and low horizon tonight. Binoculars are highly recommended […]

Gold Coast sky watchers! Look up Sunday night. Mars at opposition and Space Station to zip overhead.

Send to Kindle(Posted 18 May 2016) This Sunday (22 May 2016) is going to be a busy one for casual sky watchers on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia)! The International Space Station is going to pass directly overhead and the planet Mars will reach opposition on the same night. As an added bonus , the […]

Live in Southern Canberra? Tuesday night watch a dazzling Iridium flare and see three planets!

Send to Kindle(Update 17 May 2016) To my surprise, there was a second Iridium flare. I rechecked the Heavens-Above.com website and discovered there was a ‘fainter’ Iridium flare predicted that I had not noticed. The brighter flare was from the Iridium 54 satellite and reached magnitude -7.4. The second flare eight seconds later reached ‘only’ […]

News Blog Posts

RT @flameoffirefoto: What a show we had last night…

RT @flameoffirefoto: What a show we had last night! Naked eye visibility of #AuroraAustralis over #Hobart #Tasmania pics from Mt Welling… twitter.com/i/web/status/7…

RT @greg_faull: WOW… last night’s aurora over Ti…

RT @greg_faull: WOW… last night’s aurora over Tinderbox in southern Tassie thanks to Leena Wizz #Tasmania #Aurora https://t.co/gWoVRkg6Pp

Beautiful! https://t.co/ejUuTUkHkm

Beautiful! twitter.com/paulmp/status/…

Education Blog Posts

2020 Jupiter Saturn Planetary Conjunction poster

In December 2020, the planets Jupiter and Saturn will appear to almost merge as one to the unaided eye. The planets have not been this close since July 1623*. Owners of small telescopes will be able to view both Jupiter and Saturn simultaneously in the same eyepiece view. Don’t miss this ‘once in a […]

Measuring the sky ‘Cross staff angle measurer’

How do you measure where objects are in the night sky? To do this, astronomers possibly two thousand years ago adopted the degree as their unit of measurement. No one is sure which country the degree originated from or even why. Regardless of that, astronomers (and mathematicians) all agree that a complete rotation […]

(Free) On-line ‘Earth & Space Science’ P.D. opportunity 27 February 2016

Send to Kindle(Posted 19 January 2016) I am looking for 9 teachers interesting in taking part in a free online Australian Curriculum (Science) workshop titled ‘Exploring my Universe Collecting data first hand in 2016’. I am running the workshop to see how practical it is to offer Australia wide training using Google Hangout as the communication […]

My Astronomy Blog

(Photo) Tiangong 2 Chinese Space Station passes over Canberra, Australia during evening twilight tonight

Send to Kindle(Posted 17 October 2016) Thanks to Heavens-Above.com’s prediction service, I managed to image China’s Tiangong 2 space station passing over Canberra tonight. The relatively small size of the station and the brightness of evening twilight means that the station was difficult to locate. The station will be easier to spot once it becomes […]

-7 Iridium flare dazzles Southern Canberra (photo)

Send to Kindle(Posted 11 October 2016) The Iridium flare dazzled Southern Canberra tonight as forecast by the highly recommended HeavensAbove.com website.

New ‘Earth’s neighbours to scale poster’ free to download

Send to Kindle(Posted 6 October 2016) Go to this page to download the proper A3 PDF version of the poster.  


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