• Things to make or read

    Over time, I will add resources to this website that will help you explore the night sky. And if you are a teacher, you will find the resources helpful in your teaching of some sections of the Australian Curriculum: Science Earth & Space Sciences component. Amazing Space! Student Newsletter Download a free ‘Amazing […]

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  • Customised Astronomy & Satellite Viewing Information For Your Location

    Introduction Heavens-Above.com provides free customised information for your location including whole sky star charts, predictions for the visibility of the International Space Station and other satellites (including Iridium flares). Bookmarks for all capital cities are provided below. If you are located elsewhere, you can customise one of the below links to your location. […]

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  • Astronomy Education Resources

    Given that we are so time poor, I have added a couple of pages listing resources on this site according to where they ‘fit’ in the Australian Curriculum (Science). Keep in mind that a number of the activities can be modified for use at different year levels. If you are running a lunchtime science club, I […]

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Southern Hemisphere Sky Events Blog Posts

Gold Coast sky watchers! Look up Sunday night. Mars at opposition and Space Station to zip overhead.

Send to Kindle(Posted 18 May 2016) This Sunday (22 May 2016) is going to be a busy one for casual sky watchers on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia)! The International Space Station is going to pass directly overhead and the planet Mars will reach opposition on the same night. As an added bonus , the […]

Live in Southern Canberra? Tuesday night watch a dazzling Iridium flare and see three planets!

Send to Kindle(Update 17 May 2016) To my surprise, there was a second Iridium flare. I rechecked the Heavens-Above.com website and discovered there was a ‘fainter’ Iridium flare predicted that I had not noticed. The brighter flare was from the Iridium 54 satellite and reached magnitude -7.4. The second flare eight seconds later reached ‘only’ […]

‘Mysterious’ flare of light joins Moon and Jupiter tonight over Gold Coast, Queensland!

Send to Kindle(Posted 15 May 2016) Casual sky watchers on the Gold Coast residents have a double astronomical treat tonight (Sunday 15 May 2016). Firstly,  you can look up as soon as the sky is dark and spot the planet Jupiter immediately below the Moon. No telescope or binoculars will be required. The second ‘treat’ […]

News Blog Posts

RT @physorg_com: First test of #BreakthroughStarsh…

RT @physorg_com: First test of #BreakthroughStarshot interstellar probe highlights likely damage due to gas and dust phy.so/391336619

RT @SpaceflightNow: Intelsat celebrates double suc…

RT @SpaceflightNow: Intelsat celebrates double success after smooth Ariane 5 launch Wednesday night. spaceflightnow.com/2016/08/24/int… https://t.co/krMDk4eww3

Download new (free) resource. Solar Astrolabe http…

Download new (free) resource. Solar Astrolabe nightskyonline.info/?page_id=15147 Safely measure Sun’s altitude (Yr 7 Seasons). https://t.co/n1PWdHp1FG

Education Blog Posts

(Free) On-line ‘Earth & Space Science’ P.D. opportunity 27 February 2016

Send to Kindle(Posted 19 January 2016) I am looking for 9 teachers interesting in taking part in a free online Australian Curriculum (Science) workshop titled ‘Exploring my Universe Collecting data first hand in 2016’. I am running the workshop to see how practical it is to offer Australia wide training using Google Hangout as the communication […]

Horizon sunrise and sunset horizon recording chart

On this page, you can download a southern hemisphere ‘Sunrise and sunset horizon recording Chart’. The PDF version has a second page with sample answers provided for the Gold Coast, Queensland. Further information about how to use the chart is on it. Download the chart: Horizon_sunrise_and_sunset_recording_chart You are free to reproduce and distribute this resource […]

Weird star ….or why is that star changing colour?

Send to Kindle(Posted 10 November 2015) I occasionally get emails (like the one below) about why a star near the horizon is changing colour. Googling the question gets you the answer of atmospheric turbulence (ie wind in the upper atmosphere). Click here for a sample result. When visiting schools in Canberra with the planetarium I use, […]

My Astronomy Blog

Twin Iridium satellite flare imaged over Canberra, Australia

Send to Kindle(Posted 17 May 2016) I had a ‘two for the price of one’ Iridium satellite flare tonight. I went out to photograph a very bright magnitude -7.4 flare in the constellation Leo Major. To my surprise, there was a second Iridium flare. I rechecked the Heavens-Above.com website and discovered there was a ‘fainter’ Iridium […]

Road trip to Ararat, Victoria. No aurora yet.

Send to Kindle(Posted 14 April 2016) A visit to Ararat, Victoria has allegedly coincided with a high chance of seeing an aurora. Bungee the Border Collie has come for a drive. Despite the lack of enthusiasm in the above image, she likes to come with us. My significant other decided to trust the GPS directions – […]

Giant sunspot visible without optical aid! Just remember your solar viewing glasses.

Send to Kindle(Posted 11 April 2016) If you happen to have a pair of solar viewing glasses lying around, grab them and look at the Sun. Sunspot AR2529 is easily visible to the unaided eye. It is twice the size of the Earth and growing!  I took the below image using a handheld camera with a really […]


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