Free student astronomy newsletter

You can download a free ‘Amazing Space!’ student newsletter for each term. The newsletter’s content will vary but currently includes finder charts for planets visible to the unaided eye (in the early evening sky), where to look for easily recognisable constellations and Moon phases for the months of that term. Potential uses for the newsletter include sending it home as extension (fun) homework for students or enlarging it and placing it on your classroom wall for students to use. Go here to download the free newsletters.

The Australian Curriculum ‘Earth and space science’ resources

I am slowly adding a range of resources to this site that support your teaching of The Australian Curriculum ‘Earth and space’ component. They can be easily found by clicking on ‘The Australian Curriculum’ tag on the front page of this website. At the time of writing these resources included a Moon phase recording chartSouthern Cross finder, a 2012 Venus and Jupiter conjunction flip book, a Moon phase flip book and a scale model of the Sun, Earth and Moon system.