Aurora no show for Canberra

September 26, 2011 | By | Add a Comment
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Update 10.10 am AEST 27 September 2011: The coronal mass ejection from the Sun arrived about 35 minutes after I made the below post (and was fast asleep) and caused an aurora which was definitely by an observer in Christchurch (New Zealand). I don’t know if it was strong enough to be seen from Canberra.

(Original post) After much searching and cursing, I managed to find my Canon DSLR to record the fact that I saw an aurora from Canberra (it was going to be my second only ever sighting in ten years). Unfortunately despite’s encouraging prediction the aurora failed to show at the time of writing this post (11.40 pm AEST).

No aurora to spot unfortunately. A ten second exposure using a Canon 1000D and a 18 mm lens.

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