Canberra Portable Planetarium Programmes

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Canberra Portable Planetarium Programmes / Planetarium venue requirements / Presentation TimetablePresentations (Australian Curriculum (Science) linked)


I am available to present Australian Curriculum linked portable planetarium programmes to Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) schools.

This series of images shows the planetarium dome being inflated at the second of the 2017 YMCA Space Camps. Once the dome is fully inflated, the projection equipment is installed. Image (c) 2017 Paula Floyd

The sessions are presented using a 5 meter diameter inflatable dome with an all dome video system. One class plus the class teacher and presenter (yours truly) take part per session. As a guide, a maximum of 30 primary age students is recommended. For older students and adults, you would probably limit group sizes to approximately 20. A maximum of six classes can take part in planetarium sessions in one day.

Inside the planetarium with captivated participants at the first 2017 YMCA Space Camp. Image (c) 2017 Paula Floyd 1 October 2017

Normally, there is no direct charge for my visit to your school. Schools taking part will be required to reimburse my employer for the cost of a relief teacher for the day of visit.

Interested? Email me ( to see if there are any available booking slots.