Explore the Moons phases with an old fashioned flip book

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Do you remember the old fashioned flip books? Here is a chance for you to make one with an astronomical theme – the phases of the Moon! It is a great way to speed up the Moons monthly lunar cycle. Using this resource with your students would also be an ideal way of demonstrating one of the ‘predictable phenomena on Earth, including seasons and eclipses‘ which ‘are caused by the relative positions of the sun, Earth and the moon‘ (quote from The Australian Curriculum, Science / Year 7 / Science Understanding / Earth and space sciences (ACSSU115)).

I have prepared one for both the Southern and Northern hemisphere. As an aside, that in itself is a teaching point. You can ask your students why someone in the opposite hemisphere sees the Moon the other way around.

To make the flip book, simply print the version correct for your hemisphere (free for personal use), cut apart the 32 images and glue them onto thin card. Staple or use a rubber band to secure the left hand side of the bundle and flick away! Note that you have will need to download the correct version for your hemisphere (Adobe Acrobat format).

Please note that that you are free to reproduce one copy of this resource for personal use (at home). If you wish to use this resource in an institutional setting (including at school), you must have purchased a reproduction license through Copyright Agency Australia before you can use this resources in any way.


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