Look South! 40% chance of aurora in next 24 hours

June 23, 2015 | By | 2 Comments
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(Posted 23 June 2015) Missed this morning’s aurora? To be honest, I think most people who knew that one was likely to occur also did. I looked around midnight then had to head off to bed so I was clear headed for work. A colleague looked around 3 am and saw nothing. Finally after 5 am the aurora exploded into action. It was so bright that it was even visible well into morning twilight by those who were still looking.

A spectacular time-lapse taken from Kiama, N.S.W. of this morning’s aurora can be see below (via Youtube).

Want to try and see the aurora yourself? Fortunately, Spaceweather.com is giving a 40% chance of an aurora being visible from Southern Australia in the next 24 hours. To maximise your chances of seeing an aurora, you will need to be away from city lights and have a clear horizon to the South. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict when one will occur. The text books say that you should look around Midnight. However, they can occur much earlier or even much later as per this mornings.

Good luck and I hope you have clear skies to look.

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