Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the early morning sky (with image)

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(Posted 3 April 2018) Courtesy of a kidney stone operation (really not recommended!!), I found myself up in the very early morning staring at the night sky a few nights ago.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the early morning Canberra sky. (c) Josie Floyd.

I had a recollection that Mars and Saturn were very close, and managed to locate both very close to the Teapot which forms part of the constellation Sagittarius. The image (above) is washed out courtesy of a very bright Moon that was located to the left of Jupiter.

Mars and SaturnĀ were at conjunction (closest approach) yesterday and will slowly move apart from our Earth bound perspective. If you have a clear Eastern horizon, you can see both planets very low on the horizon tonight from 11 pm AEST. The later you look the higher above the horizon they will be.

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