Moon Phases pre/post test photocopy master

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(Posted 29 November 2014)

Download the file via the below link.

Download the file via the below link.

Use this test to assess the knowledge of your students before and after you explore the phases of the Moon with them.

Background comments: Note that this Southern hemisphere version does not follow the scientific convention that North should be displayed at the top of the chart. I have chosen to design the resource so that it matches what students see in the Southern hemisphere sky (and the Earth is also orientated South to the top to match the reality of living in the Southern hemisphere).  This will make teaching the topic less confusing for students. Once they understand the reason by which the Moon displays phases, I would then introduce this convention.

The other deliberate design choice has been to show the Moons orbit and Earth on the sheet. This has been done to reinforce in students minds that the Moon orbits the Earth. Strictly speaking if your students were looking at the Moon and Earth as they are looking at this worksheet, then the Moon phases would look different (imagining you are an observer in space looking at both celestial objects.

Download the Southern hemisphere version of this activity here: Page 1 of 2 Page 2 of 2

Download the file via the below image.

Download the file via the below link.

Download the answer sheet for this activity here: Southern_hemisphere_version_ANSWER_Sheet_Moon_Phases_pre_and_post_test_photocopy_master

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