Partial Lunar Eclipse Monday 4 June 2012

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With the Transit of Venus only days away, I almost forgot that we will have the opportunity to observe a partial lunar eclipse tomorrow night. Unlike the upcoming partial solar eclipse which will occur this November, you can look directly at a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses occur when the Moons orbital motion around the Earth temporarily carries it through the Earth’s shadow.

Wide angle finder chart for the lunar eclipse. Chart for 9.03 pm AEST 2012

I always find lunar eclipses interesting because each one is different. Contrary to many peoples expectations, the part of the Moon that goes through the Earth’s shadow doesn’t turn black but instead goes a faint orange or red colour. This occurs because the Earth’s atmosphere acts like a weak lens and bends light into its own shadow. Red light is bent easiest and therefore the Earth’s shadow is a faint orange or red colour.

Appearance of Moon at maximum eclipse at 9.03 pm AEST 4 June 2012.

Event times for Partial Lunar Eclipse 4 June 2012

  • Penumbral eclipse begins: 6.46 pm AEST
  • Partial eclipse begins: 7.59 pm AEST
  • Mid-eclipse: 9.03 pm AEST
  • Partial eclipse ends: 10.07 pm AEST
  • Penumbral eclipse ends: 11.07 pm AEST

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