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Now available for free download: Solar eclipse pinhole viewer for 29 April 2014 partial solar eclipse

January 6, 2014 | By | 4 Comments

As per my 2014 Astronomy Events Calendar, we are lucky enough in Australia to have two lunar eclipses and one partial solar eclipse this year. Unlike lunar eclipses, partial solar eclipses are not safe to look directly at without the use of specialist solar filters most commonly sold by telescope shops. There are […]

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When to look for the eclipse Wednesday morning

November 12, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Send to Kindle(Posted 12 November) This Wednesday (14 November 2012) the Moon will briefly cover the Sun for as seen from Australia. If you are lucky enough to be in Far North Queensland, you will experience a total solar eclipse. For two minutes, the Moon will totally cover the Sun and the stars and planets […]

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Pinhole viewer for November 2012 Solar Eclipse

November 1, 2012 | By | 5 Comments

Send to Kindle(Posted 1 November 2012) Want to observe the Wednesday 14 November Solar Eclipse safely but don’t have access to a specialist solar filter for your telescope or binoculars? I have prepared a pinhole solar eclipse viewer which you can freely download and use to indirectly observe the eclipse. Keep in mind that even […]

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