Venus and the crescent Moon visible to the unaided eye during the day (photograph)

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Let’s be honest. I was up late last night and made no attempt to get up and see this mornings crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter grouping in the morning sky. Work will get me up tomorrow morning so hopefully it will be a clear morning.

Venus during the day. Image captured with a digital camera with 12 x zoom lens. (c) 2012 Paul Floyd. Time approximately midday AEST 15 July 2012

I did decide to see if I could see at least Venus and the Moon once I got up. Venus was easy to spot and photograph (see above) when cloud was drifting by. The cloud gives your eyes something to focus on. Once the cloud moved away I found it very difficult to find Venus with only my unaided eyes. With binoculars it was very easy to find.

Venus and the crescent Moon during the day. Photo taken approximately Midday AEST 15 July 2012

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t see both Venus and the Moon with my unaided eyes once the cloud moved on. I took a number of photographs hoping that one would capture both. One did (see above). I could have got a better image had I zoomed in more but given I couldn’t see Venus at that stage that wasn’t possible.

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