Watch as Chinese Space Station passes over Canberra tonight. No binoculars or telescope needed!

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(Posted 15 October 2017) Watch as China’s Tiangong 2 Space Station passes over Canberra tonight between 7.51pm AEDT and 7.59 pm AEDT. The space station will rise approximately in the South West, pass approximately overhead and then fade in the North East just before it reaches the horizon. It will appear as a slowly moving moderately bright star to the unaided eye.

Tiangong 2 and Shenzhou 11 complex imaged in Earth Orbit.

More information about Tiangong 2 can be found here on Wikipedia or here on China Space Report. The Space Station was launched on 16 September 2017 (Australian Eastern Standard Time) from Jiuquan, China.

A detailed finder chart for tonight’s pass by Tiangong 2 can be found here for Southern Canberra. Note that the chart is designed to be used by holding it above your head and orientating it correctly. For other locations, go here on this site for information on how to generate customised viewing information.

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